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Why Collect Movie Memorabilia?

You ask "Why collect movie memorabilia?". Hopefully I can give you a perspective to help you decide. I used to collect other things like baseball cards and diecast cars. One thingI didn't like about it was that everyone else had the same items as you. I don't know about you but the one thing missing was having a unique collection that no one else had! Now, don't take me wrong... I'm not saying there is anything wrong with collecting baseball cards or die cast cars. Any type of collecting can be rewarding!

I started collecting movie memorailia and quickly realized how unique my collection was. Most items I was buying were either one of a kind or one of just a few made for the movie. Also, I could invest as little or as much as I wanted into my collection. Do you know you can purchase items seen on screen for under $20.00?!! Yes you can! It is exciting to watch a movie and see your item and say "HEY! I OWN THAT ITEM!" Now keep in mind that you can also spend $1000's on a single item too. Also, very popular and older movie's items can run higher than $20.00 each.

So, whether it is you or a friend or loveone that likes movies or has a favorite movie remember... how cheap it can be to have something from that movie!

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