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Collectors Corner: Part One

Collectors Corner

Over the years of collecting some fantastic movie props so I always get asked the same question, “how do you get these items?” Then there is the follow up question of “how do you know they are real?” And the final question of “How do I get started?” So I decided to give you a little knowledge on how to get started in movie prop collecting, what to look for, and some things to think about.

Getting StartedStart Small:

If you are new to collecting movie props, start small. Collect something from a favorite movie or TV show. Normally items that do not cost much are items that are in the back ground of a movie or TV show. Start with a background vase, picture or similar items.

Look For Easy Framers:

When you first start collecting movie props you will find some great items and then it hits you, how do I frame this and what do I do with it? One of my first “What do I do with this item” was a Large Ornament from The Grinch That Stole Xmas staring Jim Carrey. It was large and big and great to have but how to protect it and show it. I ended up selling it because framing it would have been a lot more to frame it than it was worth and the space it took up was fine at first, but after collecting more and more, it had to go! Collect items that are easy to frame. Items that are flat or can be framed by a store purchased frame. This will save you money, time, and having to ask yourself, “What do I do with this item?'

Be Consistent:When you are bidding on auctions or for items that you want to collect. Be consistent. Bid often and visit the item more often than that! If it is a 7 day auction, place a bid and return back every two days and then the final day. Keep bidding until you get that item! What 2 L@@K For Quality & Established Sellers:

Before you bid, check the feedback & reputation of the seller or auction house. A good way to test a seller is to ask them a question via email and see how long it takes them to respond. That normally is a good indication of what type of service they provide. The normal response should be 2-4 business days. If it takes them longer to response and they do not say they are sorry for taking so long or why, be careful.

eBay or Not to eBay that is the question:

There are some good eBay stores with positive feedback and great track records. They have a good section at first glance. Once you get through the replica's, fakes, and look a likes. I think you are better off with an auction site dedicated to Movie Prop Collecting.

We found a site we love and that is (ePropAuctions.com). They are dedicated to selling only the best movie props. They are newer in the business and you can really pick up some great deals. So there and bid on something today.

Paper Trails:

If you own a movie prop without a paper trail to a certified auction house, auction site, or authorized seller that you didn't make a good investment. Always demand a positive paper trail. Just because someone gives you a letter of Authenticity (LOA) or Certificate of Authenticity (COA) doesn't mean it is real. What about a package slip, an copy of an invoice, anything that you can trace back to the original movie studio or auction house. If you have a paper trail or original LOA/COA, now you have a certified movie prop worth some money!

THINK ABOUT THIS Collect Movies:

The best part about collecting movie props is collecting an item that is from you favorite movies. My favorite things to collect are movies that have motivated me and are true stories. Two items I hold in my personal collection is an outfit worn by Robin Williams from Patch Adams and various outfits from the movie “October Sky”. Every time I look at these framed movie props in our gallery, it is more than a collectible but a motiviator!

Collect items from your favorite movies.

Collect Items:

Over the years of selling authentic movie props, I have sold to people who have collected only certain items. One person collected only weapons from different movies. Another collected only watches and yet another only jewelry. Pick and item and become an expert at those items, they make good collectables.


What ever you collect, remember this….HAVE FUN! True movie prop collecting is about having fun and making into a great hobby and fantastic conversation when people come over to your home or business

Contact Us

We are proud to write this column and are here for you. If you have a question or an article idea, please write to us at: AuthenticMovieProps@usa.com

This article was written by G. Scott Whiting the directing manager of www.AuthenticMoviePropRegistry.org

They are dedicated to buying and selling only authentic movie props while at the same time helping charities and the community around them. They are non-profit and have donated thousands of dollars to help the Red Cross, Katrina Victims, and many others. Feel free to visit them at their web site today! Note: Authentic Movie Prop Registry as writing this article for information purposes only. Always do you own research into everything you purchase and collect
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