DADDY DAYCARE: 3 Screen Used Comic Books




This “Babe 2” Comic Book was screen used by character Marvin (Steve Zahn) in Revolution Studio’s hit comedy “Daddy Daycare”. You can see this comic book along with several others in the yard sale scene where Eddy Murphy and Jeff Garlin have decided they don’t want their old jobs back and return to the house only to find Marvin (Steve Zahn) sitting in a lawn chair, reading comic books, having a yard sale with their daycare items. This comic book is the one he was reading and the cover can be clearly seen on screen!
Comes with a C.O.A. from Revolution Studios.
There are (3) comic books, each with it’s own C.O.A., and they are sold only as a set. They are in a matted frame as seen below. This is truly a rare find and are clearly seen on screen! Don’t let someone beat you to this deal!

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