THE NOTEBOOK: Vintage Soldering Pencil




This prop was screen used on the set of The Notebook, a Nicholas Sparks’ best seller. Major parts of the movie were filmed in Charleston, SC and the surrounding Low country. After production, a set liquidation auction was held and attended by droves of Nicholas Sparks fans and memorabilia seekers.This is a Vintage Electric Soldering Pencil. Includes the original box, soldering Pencil, stand and some solder. It was used as a set dressing in the Pharmacy in the movie. This is a must have for the Sparks fan and because of the great condition it is in, a great find for the collector!This item was purchased May 2003 from Thomas Craig Simmons, South Carolina Auctioneer – License # 3021.This Item comes with a C.O.A. from Thomas Craig Simmons and Hollywood Prop Collector.Member & Co-FounderMember # 071404

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