About Us

HOLLYWOOD PROP COLLECTOR (HPC)  has been collecting authentic movie props and wardrobe since 1987 when we purchased the Green Goblin head that was on the Happy Toyz truck in Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive. We have been hooked ever since.

HOLLYWOOD PROP COLLECTOR was started in 2002 as we became a dealer. We have over 800 items in our collection. In 2003, we teamed up with a fellow collector/dealer Bruce Hubbard and formed The United Movie Collectors Guild (UMCG) to help bring collectors together and to help fight fraudulent sales of movie memorabilia.
Every item we have comes with a C.O.A. (Certificate Of Authenticity) for the movie studio or original prop house, L.O.A. (Letter Of Authenticity), and in some cases our C.O.A.
Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.