This Saw 5 is autographed by Mike Butters, Paul The Razor Wire Man. This is The Final Shooting Draft (SCRIPT) or Double Blue, as it’s called, for SAW V. The complete script is in excellent condition and in the lower left hand corner of the front page, you will see the evolution of the scripts — including the date and name of this SCRIPT as: DOUBLE BLUE (The Final Shooting Draft). The AUTOGRAPHED SCRIPT is The Final Shooting Draft. This (AUTOGRAPHED) SCRIPT is TRULY SPECTACULAR! On the Blue Cover of the SAW V SCRIPT, it says: EVOLUTisION II by Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan. Patrick and Marcus are the writers of SAW IV, SAW V, SAW VI and the 7th and final SAW movie, SAW 3D. Note: It says EVOLUTION II on the script, to keep this top secret in case in got into the wrong hands during the shooting of SAW V. Mike Butters (Paul, The Razor Wire Man) autographed the script cover using a black Sharpie pen. The signature is large, bold and strong. The script is three hole punched, and held together by a classy brass-finished fastener. The Script Cover (front page with the Mike Butters autograph) is in a rigid plastic holder to protect it. We purchased it from Raybin Management. It comes with the original C.O.A from Twisted Pictures.