This is a really cool piece. This decal was given to people that were on the Seven Mile Bridge when they were filming the climax scene for True Lies. The front is chrome with black lettering and the back is white with black print. We will post a better pic of the front soon. The back reads as follows:
If you are reading this card then its probably because you have found your journey through the Keys temporarily impeded by a film production crew. We apologize for any inconvenience while our production company is currently shooting the climax of “True Lies”, a new motion picture. As you’re waiting to get on your way we’d like to give you a little information about the project Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis, “True Lies directed by James Cameron, creator of  “The Terminator,” “Terminator 2  – Judgement Day,” “The Abyss”, “Aliens”. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Harry Tasker, a special agent for Omega Sector, a top-secret government agency charged with nuclear terrorism intervention. Fluent in six languages and skilled in all forms of counter-intelligence, Harry is an international spy who has kept his real profession secret from his wife Helen, for as long as they have been together. Harry has the skills, the resourcefullness and the courage to save the country . . . now, if only he can save his marriage. Principle photography for “True Lies commenced in Los Angeles. We have arrived in the Keys after shooting in Washington D.C. and Miami. In December, we will be packing our equipment and heading on to locations in Rhode Island and Lake Tahoe, California Thank you for your patience and we hope to see you in the theaters when “True Liesopens next summer across the country. Sincerely, The Cast and Crew of “True Lies”.
This is the only one of these I have seen. At this time, this item is NOT for sale but if the right offer is made we will consider it.