WEEDS: Nick Notle’s Overcoat

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This item is from the 1987 Weeds starring Nick Nolte.
Nick Nolte carries this story, which starts out as a black comedy about convict lifer Lee Umstetter’s failed attempts at suicide. Lee starts to read, and writes jailhouse plays. When he gets paroled, thanks to a pretty reporter’s campaign, the movie turns into a road story, as he and his old penitentiary buddies travel to college campuses (and penitentiaries) around the country, performing, backsliding, and getting to know their share of pretty, pampered, radical co-eds. The story is at turns poignantly dramatic, darkly comedic, and just goofy fun. Nolte is aided and abetted by a marvelous cast, most notably, Rita Taggart, William Forsythe, and Ernie Hudson. This vintage navy blue wool overcoat/trench coat was a wardrobe piece from the movie WEEDS. It was worn by Nick Nolte during filming. S. Rogers was on the film crew and acquired the coat from Nolte at the end of shooting. It was not an outside purchase and was in his possession since filming, till now. It is very heavy wool – appears to be quite old and has a size tag, but no manufacturer’s tag. Size is 37 – XL. and has 6 – 1″ silver military insignia buttons. Coat has been sealed in plastic and stored and has not been cleaned or altered in any way. I purchased it from S. Rogers who personally got it from Nick Nolte after the movie was finished. The L.O.A. from Mr. Rogers states: “I acquired this navy blue wool overcoat from Nick Nolte after the shooting of the film Weeds. I worked on the film crew of the movie. When filming was complete, I went to a bar with many members of the cast and crew. Over the course of the evening Nolte and I agreed to arm wrestle for the coat. I won and it has been in my possession ever since.”
Comes with a L.O.A. from Mr. Rogers and a C.O.A. from Hollywood Prop Collector.
At this time this item is NOT for sale but if the right offer is made we will consider it.