BENCHWARMER: Alana Curry’s Sexy Red Carpet Dress


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Alana Curry wore this beautiful sexy blue Guess dress to the red carpet event for the premiere of the Liongate film “A Day In The Life”. It is a size small and she has worn it a lot. It is a great dress because it can look casual or can be dressed up too!
Alana has signed the tag on the dress and it also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by her too. The C.O.A. also has a a pic of her in the dress.

Alana Curry has appeared on such TV shows as NBC’ “Passions”, “Days of Our Lives”, CBS’ “Robbery Homicide Division”, “The Bold & the Beautiful”, “Beverly Hills 90210”, and “Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher”. You may have also seen me in the films “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines”, “Time Changer”, “Changing Fates” and “A Pony for Maria”.Be sure to check her out in the new sexy Interactive Video game from called “Sweet Dreams”. Check out her new vampire horror film “Revamped” which she stars in which is out now on DVD. Coming up you can see her in “Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter” and “No Time to Fear”both which will be released later this year. She just returned from NY filming the Mike Nichols film “Breadcrumbs” and finished filming “Dahmer vs Gacy” Currently she is filming the sequel to “2001 Maniacs” She has graced the pages and covers of dozens of magazines and she is also a “Benchwarmer Trading Card” model with her own trading cards. You may have also seen her featured as a special guest on the “Howard Stern Show” on E! Check her out on this months (11-09) COVER of “Thats Hot Magazine”!
This Item comes with a C.O.A. from Alana Curry.



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