LORDS OF DOGTOWN: Autographed Skateboard Deck



This deck measures 30 x 7.5.
This deck was made for the movie but was not used  in the movie.
Features graffiti on base. Grip tape is applied to top of the board.
Contains the following 5 original signatures:

Jim “Red Dog” Muir (one of the original Z-Boys)

Skip Engblom (founder of Zephyr skateboard team )
(played by Heath Ledger in the film)

Catherine Hardwicke (director of the film)

Nikki Reed (played Kathy Alva in the film)

Mike Ogas (pro skater who played Bob Biniak in the film)

This Item comes with a C.O.A. from Premiere Props.
At this time, this item is NOT for sale but if the right offer is made we will consider it.
Estimated Value of this board is $2000 – $2500