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Presents Another Great Authentic Movie Collectible!

“A Piece Of The Green Goblin Head After Restoration”
(Approx. 1/2″ x 1/2″)

What is “The Goblin Project”?
In 1987 we bought the Green Goblin head that was used on the front
of the Happy Toyz truck in Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive.
Two years ago we started restoring it and finished it up this past March.
During restoration we called it “The Goblin Project” and the name stuck with it.
We are taking it to horror and comic cons all across America.

You receive (1) piece of the Green Goblin Head after Restoration!
There are a total 235 pieces.
Each piece is approx. 1/2″ x 1/2″ in size

It is part of the top / back of the head that was cut off after
painting it to make the head straight. Most of the pieces are red
but there are a few that are black from the black band that goes around the head.

Each piece comes with a signed / numbered C.O.A. from Hollywood Prop Collector
and would be perfect for framing with the piece.

(Please note that the piece number will be different than one shown)

This piece is GREAT for any Collector!


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