In 1987 Tim Shockey purchased the Green Goblin head in Wilmington North Carolina. He brought it back to southern Ohio where it sat on display in his video store (Uncle Jim’s Videoland). After he sold the video store it was put in his back yard where it sat for many years. His wife didn’t like it. She tried to give it away… even ran into it with a riding mower (by accident) and knocked off it’s left ear. So at that time Tim moved it into his garage where it was finally out of the awful weather and away from riding mowers! In 2011 Tim started restoring it. He worked nights and weekends for 2 years restoring it and finally on March 16, 2013 it was painted! A week later it made it’s first public appearance in almost 30 years. Tim travels across the USA and Canada to horror & comic cons, car & truck shows, and even private sharing it with fans!
We are ask several times a week if it’s for sale… it isn’t at this time, however we will consider any reasonable offer.
The Green Goblin Head has it’s own website.


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