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This hand carried travel bag that was custom made for, and used during the filming of the Tim Burton film “PLANET OF THE APES”.
It was made for use by the human warriors. During the film, the humans all come to “Calima” for the showdown with the apes. This bag is one that the actors carried during filming. This thing is COOL!
It looks very rough and primitive and is made up of bamboo frame pieces and multiple types of fabric scraps, and appears to be hand sewn together with twine. It has a few stitches loose.
This is absolutely genuine, and screen used, and not a reproduction or copy.
This item was originally purchased directly from 20th Century Fox and has a copy of the receipt right on the C.O.A.
It is really large – 36″ length, 9″ tall.

Comes with a C.O.A. from Studio-Props.

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Dimensions 36 × 5 × 5 in