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Ok… here is something you just do not see everyday! Another great prop straight from the Hollywood blockbuster hit, The Titantic. This is a rusticle from the bottom of the Titanic. I purchased it from Jerry Miscevich who is a model builder in Hollywood.
Here is what he says about this item, “The “rusticle,” the stalactite / stalagmite looking object that was one of many underwater on the bow of the “Titanic” in the big blockbuster. They were made in the same airplane hanger where Howard Hughes made the Spruce Goose and where we made Godzilla a few months later. In fact my supervisor on Godzilla was also the model shop supervisor on Titanic. The rusticle itself weighs about 5 pounds but because of its construction which consists of a steel rod armature inside green Styrofoam that has been hard coated and painted, it is fragile”.
This item comes with a Letter of Authenticity from Jerry and a C.O.A from Hollywood Prop Collector.

HPC 007


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 6 in