PLEASANTVILLE: Police Recieve Prop Newspaper




Pleasantville, a New Line Cinema film released in October 1998, was a feature like no other. All the repressed desires of life in the Fifties begin to boil up through the people of Pleasantville, changing their lives in strange and wonderful ways that none of them had even dared to dream of, until they were visited by two kids from the real world. In Pleasantville, USA, there has never been any rain. There has never been hatred, aggression or tears. In Pleasantville, USA, there has never been a passionate kiss. There has never been a flat tire, a red rose or a work of art. Until now. Pleasantville Morning Sun is a daily newspaper PROP used in the 1998 feature. Headline reads, ‘Police Receive Parking Meter Training’.

Comes with a C.O.A. from Hollywood CPR.



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