THE OPPOSITE OF SEX: Donovans Delivery Room Outfit




Christina Ricci plays Dedee, a buxom, sexually precocious teenager who’s pregnant, cynical, and looking for a volunteer father for her unborn child. This takes her to the home of her gay half-brother, Bill Truitt (Martin Donovan) whose current lover (Ivan Sergei) becomes Dedee’s latest target for seduction. The outfit below was worn by Martin Donovan in the Delivery Room scene. It includes, pale yellow paper gown with small F/X blood spots and torn left shoulder seam from wear during filming. Together with casually worn looking Levi jeans with some F/X blood splatters on the back consistent with the delivery room scene as seen in the pictures below. This outfit was purchased from Reel Clothes & Props and has their C.O.A..

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